Vaccinations for travel

Vaccinations are an important part of staying safe while travelling.

In this post, I’ll be covering how to find which vaccinations you’ll need, where and when to get them, and explaining some of the ones I’ve had.

Dec 21st 2019 11 mins read

Closed currency guide

Closed currencies are unusual enough that the usual rules on exchanging foreign money don’t apply to them. While not common: they do exist, so here’s how they work..

Jun 25th 2019 4 mins read

Sicily: Castelmola & Taormina

After leaving the Aeolian Islands, I head south towards Mt Etna.

On the way I visit the hilltop settlements of Castelmola and Taormina.

Oct 6th 2018 5 mins read

Sicily: Stromboli part 2

It’s my second day on the island of Stromboli, this evening I’ll be climbing to the volcanic craters to see the eruptions from up close.

Sep 22nd 2018 7 mins read

Sicily: Stromboli part 1

On day 4 of my Sicilian adventure, I arrived on Stromboli. This island has an active volcano that erupts almost continually but despite this, it’s home to about 500 people.

Sep 8th 2018 8 mins read

Sicily: Panarea

I didn’t plan to visit the island of Panarea, but the hydrofoil taking me to Stromboli had other plans…

Aug 25th 2018 4 mins read

Sicily: Lipari

My second stop in the Aeolian Islands is Lipari. The largest island in the chain, it has a normal population of about 13,000.

Aug 4th 2018 6 mins read

Sicily: Vulcano

My first stop on my tour of the Aeolian Islands is the island of Vulcano: the original volcano.

Jul 7th 2018 8 mins read

Exploring Chernobyl: Cafe Pripyat

On the shores of a lake just off the Pripyat river is the Cafe Pripyat.

Jun 9th 2018 3 mins read